‘Tripledemic‘ overwhelming hospitals

Rising cases of RSV, COVID and the flu have left some medications and hospital beds hard to find. ABC News’ Justin Finch has the details.
1:42 | 12/08/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Tripledemic‘ overwhelming hospitals
- Hospitals nationwide are stretched to their limits amid surging cases of the flu, RSV, and COVID. From New York State-- AARON GLATT: These three viruses are all making it very difficult for us to practice routine medicine. - --to Texas-- - Our hospital is full. Our ICU is full. - --80% of adult hospital beds are full, the highest peak since the Omicron surge. And now hospitals are seeing COVID cases rise again. The CDC director urging Americans to consider masking and to get their flu and COVID vaccines. ROCHELLE WALENSKY: We are seeing high rates of flu, higher than we've seen this time of year in over a decade. - With an earlier-than-expected spike, some local pharmacies don't have enough supplies of over-the-counter cold and flu medication on hand. The White House saying the supply chain for those medicines is strong. - My grandson, who's in second grade, still wears a mask. - In Maine, respiratory illnesses are forcing some schools to close. Nevada now fast tracking nursing licenses to handle a flood of pediatric patients. RISHMA CHAND: It's unusually high so early in the year that we worry about what's going to happen later on this month, after the holidays. - She had low oxygen, which they call hypoxia, and a fever, and they said that they needed to admit her right away. - This family says their toddler had to wait almost a full day in the ER before a hospital bed opened up. After four days of treatment, she's now recovering from RSV, the flu, and a collapsed lung. JUSTIN FINCH: And for those looking for over-the-counter treatments, try checking several stores or shopping online. And doctors say generic versions of your go-to medications are an option, too.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Rising cases of RSV, COVID and the flu have left some medications and hospital beds hard to find. ABC News’ Justin Finch has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"94758271","title":"‘Tripledemic‘ overwhelming hospitals","url":"/WNN/video/tripledemic-overwhelming-hospitals-94758271"}