Hiker falls to death at North Carolina waterfall overlook

The woman fell 150 feet from an overlook to her death, park officials said.
1:57 | 09/26/23

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hiker falls to death at North Carolina waterfall overlook
- The Blue Ridge Parkway is gearing up for one of, if not, its busiest times of the year. And Saturday's accident acting as a reminder that if you're going to enjoy views like this, proceeding with caution is in your best interest. - This is actually a rock cliff-- ED DIORIO: Reems Creek Fire Chief Jeff Justice says witnesses didn't see what happened to 61-year-old Nancy Sampson before she fell. However, a rare aspect about the Glassmine Falls Overlook, compared to others, is how the landscape curves inward. - Looks like that would be easy to see, but when you're on top, there's just no way to see to the bottom of that until you either get a drone video-- ED DIORIO: And rescuers say it's possible Sampson was too far over the safety barrier trying to look over the edge. - Right here is about a 3 and 1/2 foot wall. You can tell that it's up above the knees on the rescuers. And it's just a safety retainer there. So we're not sure. ED DIORIO: Sampson was on a series of hikes with her husband as a part of a wedding anniversary. Therefore, when her body was found, she was wearing all proper hiking equipment, which isn't always the case with incidents similar to this one. - We get so many injuries on those trails for people wearing flip-flops or Crocs, doesn't have a good footwear, or it's just steep. ED DIORIO: Chief Justice says the Parkway is entering peak season with hiking injuries and accidents. That trend, along with this weekend's tragedy, is enough for all hikers to remember the dangerous possibilities. - The main thing is to stay back and enjoy it from behind that retaining wall. That's why it's there. Same way on Craggy Pinnacle-- you see people climb out and pass the wall to get that special look and picture, and it doesn't always end bad, but it can end bad. - For a full list of safety tips from the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can find those on our website, WLOS.com. On the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ed DiOrio, News 13.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The woman fell 150 feet from an overlook to her death, park officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"103505166","title":"Hiker falls to death at North Carolina waterfall overlook","url":"/US/video/hiker-falls-death-north-carolina-waterfall-overlook-103505166"}